Learning to drive (at 33yrs)

This week I’ve had my first few driving lessons – ever! I actually drove a car! It feels weird behind the wheel, I get a flutter of excitement when I start the engine. There is so much to think about: clutch, gear, biting point, mirrors, indicator, steering, gas, clutch break. It’s not natural yet, but I think I’m picking it up pretty well.

I do wish I could already drive. I should have learned when I hit 17, like my peers. But nope, not me! I was saving up the wages from my part time job at a DIY store to buy myself a decent laptop to go off to Uni with. Never really fancied being the ‘designated driver’ either really, which is a kind of dick move – getting pissed and relying on others to transport me around.

Still… better late than never!