So, my health is a bit all over the place at the minute …after being on a low dose of antibiotics for three months straight, the moment I came off them (well, two weeks later) I had another bladder infection! What’s the deal with that?! I’ve got a blood test tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will shed some light. But the Drs seem to be a bit baffled.. my urine shows leukocytes (white blood cells – so likely an immune response) when put to the ‘dip test’ and sometimes there is presence of blood, but not always a bacteria when they test it in the lab. Basically something is going on in my guts and it hurts, but they don’t know what. I’ve had ultrasounds, a cystoscope and a CT scan – they found kidney reflux in an ultrasound and damage to my bladder wall with the cystoscope but said it was because of the multiple infections and would fix it’s self while I’m on the the three months antibiotics. I’m on daily laxatives now to rule out constipation adding to things (but they are not really reLAXing things, if you know what I mean…). I’ve been branded as having IBS in the past too, there has been similar tummy troubles for years, they thought after ruling out my womb that it could be my bowels. Blood found in poo, various tests for cancer etc. but no -thank god of course. But now my bladder maybe? We still don’t know what’s going on in my belly… I’ll keep you posted.

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