Snowflake / Tornado

Went to London to see Stewart Lee on Saturday with Dom and his two friends Ayd and Joe. I was feeling a little odd about going to see comedy whilst sober (as We’re doing dry January), I suppose I was feeling a bit apprehensive and self conscious, but I found that it actually helped my focus… and let’s face it, you need a certain degree of focus to appreciate the structure of the Stewart Lee’s comedy and not miss any of his call back material.

Stewart Lee live, Leicester Square Theatre 11th January 2020, 8:45pm
My seat (M6) – pretty good view of the stage!

Stewart made his entrance and kicked off with some jokes about his appearance and health, and to be honest… yeah, he really has changed/‘let himself go’ (his words) a lot, but it worked as a great icebreaker.

Tornado was the title of the first half. It took me a minute to get over the irrational embarrassment I feel whenever I watch live performances (of any kind)… everyone gets that though, right? Anyway, once the audience had warmed up Stewart Lee had us like putty in his hands. I found it very interesting to observe (this being the first live standup I’ve seen since –enrolling on, attending half of, then dropping out of– a stand up comedy course towards the end of last year at the MAC). Having part ‘studied’ the art of making people laugh I could, on the odd occasion that my mind zoomed out, almost see the intricacies of his craft, it was all very clever (as you would expect) keeping us interested with waves of contrasting tone and a nice awakening before the interval (I won’t spoil it for you).

Snowflake, the second half, I found particularly hilarious -especially the ripping on other comedians and when the topic turned to ‘political correctness gone mad’ -I laughed so hard I cried! I can’t remember the last time I laughed like that, it felt good. There were some bits that made me cringe, of course, like taking the piss out of Ricky Gervais for ‘saying the unsayable’ (which is obviously impossible), the impression him of him doing an actual attempt at saying that which is unsayable was funny… but in a way that made my toes curl at points.

It was a great night – my first time seeing Stewart Lee live. I have come away inspired me to be more inventive and imaginative with my rants about life. Thanks.

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